Commercial boiler Commissioning

Cowley provide Boiler Commissioning in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London areas. Boiler Commissioning is a service by itself and not only for works completed by our installation team, but we also commission newly installed boilers for companies that install only. We also commission boilers and associated equipment directly for a number of manufacturers.

We have a high reputation for quality of service at a competitive price. It is vitally important to keep your existing boiler in sound working order and also keep it performing to optimum efficiency. Service and planned maintenance agreements are available from us at a competitive premium. This will not only ensure you stay compliant with legislation, but you can also rest in the knowledge that your equipment is being properly cared for and maintained with your safety in mind.

We provide service and maintenance on a large range of commercial boilers, which include:

Remeha boilers. Broag boilers, Seagold boilers, Quinta boilers, Gas eco 310/610, Ideal boilers, Concord boilers, Harrier boilers, Evomax boilers, Veissmann boilers, Strebel boilers, Hoval boilers, MHS boilers, Elco boilers, Clyde boilers, Buderus boilers, Hamworthy boilers, ACV boilers, Vaillant boilers, Stockvis boilers.

Our clients include

local authorities and government agencies, schools, colleges, churches, community centres, health care, business and industry, hotels and airports.

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