Why Install an Air Source Heat pump?

The majority of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our heating and hot water systems. With our government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 this is the largest hurdle. Heat pumps are currently the only efficient way of achieving this. There is much speculation about hydrogen boilers and a future hydrogen network but this is not yet available. So, if you want renewable heating now, a heat pump is really the only option. Electric boilers are an option but they are 3-4 times the running cost of a heat pump.

  • Underfloor heating systems

  • Fan assisted and conventional radiator systems

  • Indirect hot water cylinders and calorifiers

  • plate heat exchangers for domestic hot water

What can Heat Pumps be used for?

Hybrid Options

We know that taking the plunge to completely renewable can be a little daunting, expensive and in some situations not feasible. With the majority of heat pumps only able to produce up to 55°C a gas boiler may be required to make up the additional load in order for the heating system to give enough output when it gets really cold outside.


Hybrid systems give you the best of both worlds. Set up correctly with the right control system, they will provide you with the most economical heating system available. Check out our article on Hybrid Systems to find out more…