Hamworthy Commercial Boiler Installer

Upgrading your existing boiler? Cowley Group are a very experienced Hamworthy commercial boiler installer. A Hamworthy Boiler provides outstanding energy efficiency and low emissions, perfect for long-term savings on your energy bills! Get in touch today for a quotation to install a Hamworthy boiler at your property.

At Cowley Group we install Hamworthy commercial boilers. Hamworthy Heating is a British commercial boiler manufacturer and supplier of commercial heating and hot water products. If you are looking to upgrade your heating and/or hot water system we can help you find the most energy efficient solution for your building.

The Hamworthy Commercial Boiler Range

Whether you need a floor standing or wall mounted boiler, a stainless steel, cast iron or cast aluminium heat exchanger, you can be sure that Hamworthy has a commercial boiler to suit your needs. Below we’ll take a look at the current range of commercial boilers from Hamworthy.

Stratton MK2

The Hamworthy Stratton MK2 Boiler is a highly efficient and very compact wall hung boiler that can save a lot of space in tight plantrooms. They have the option to come on a frame with a header kit for quick installation. They can be set up in a cascade configuration with master and slave/s. This means you can have back up if one boiler goes down but they are also sequenced to be used equally so that one isn’t doing all the work whilst the other does nothing. This saves one boiler wearing out faster than the other prolonging the life of your system.

Hamworthy Stratton Mk2 Commercial Boiler Installation

Purewell Variheat MK2

The Hamworthy Purewell Variheat MK2 is the only boiler in the industry of its size that still has a heat exchanger made from cast iron. This means that although its not quite as efficient as a cast aluminium or stainless steel heat exchanger you can guarantee that it will last you a very long time. We have seen Hamworthy boilers built with a cast iron heat exchanger that are still going after 35 years.



The Hamworthy Varmax is an excellent boiler for situations where there is not much floor space but there is height available. With a high quality stainless steel heat exchanger this is a highly durable and efficient boiler.

It also works well on systems where there is a large delta T as its not dependent on system flow. This means its very good on systems where there are very long runs of pipework.


Wessex Modumax Mk3

The Hamworthy Wessex Modumax MK3 boiler is Hamworthy’s condensing modular boiler. This boiler is ideal for larger commercial boilers that need a heating system with a very big output. They are very compact and you can customise the amount of modules you require on each boiler and the configuration to suit the space you have.



The Hamworthy Upton boiler is a modular boiler similar to the Wessex Modumax with one main difference. The heat exchanger is made from cast aluminium not stainless steel. This makes the boiler much lighter and marginally more efficient. The weight can be an advantage in plantrooms where access is difficult as the modumax whilst similar in output are very heavy.