Cowley Group are an experienced installer of Ideal Commercial Boilers. Ideal Commercial condensing boilers are designed similarly to a domestic boiler, but are manufactured to meet the high demands of commercial premises or businesses.

If you are looking to upgrade your heating and/or hot water system we can help you find the most energy efficient solution for your building.

The Ideal Commercial Range

Ideal boilers range of product offers the best value for money when it comes to commercial boilers. They also have a boiler to cover any and every application.

Evomax 2

The Ideal Evomax 2 commercial boiler is Ideal heating’s wall hung commercial boiler with a cast aluminium heat exchanger. Its built in the UK for the UK market and is the most popular commercial boiler on the market today boasting efficiencies of up to 99.6% at full load.

Ideal Evomax 2 Commercial Boiler Installer

Evo S

The Ideal Evo S commercial boiler is very similar to the Evomax 2 boiler but with a stainless steel heat exchanger. This makes it heavier but slightly more robust than the aluminium heat exchanger as steel is more resistant to corrosion than aluminium. It comes in outputs from 50 up to 135 kW and can be easily adapted for installations powered by LPG.

Ideal Evo S Commercial Boiler Installer

Imax Xtra 2

The Ideal Imax Xtra 2 is the floor standing alternative to the Evomax 2. This makes it a good like for like replacement to the many commercial floor standing boiler that are out there such as the old Ideal Concorde as it requires very minimal pipework modifications to replace them.

Ideal Imax Xtra 2 Commercial boiler installer

Imax Xtra EL

The Ideal Imax Xtra EL is Ideal Commercials larger output floor standing boiler coming in outputs of 320 to 620 or as much as 1240 as a dual unit. This is a much more efficient boiler with a lower nox level than the many pressure jet boilers over 400kW that are still installed in some buildings. The Imax Xtra EL can give very large output in an extremely compact package making them exceptionally valuable for plant rooms with a lack of space. This can also have the benefit of freeing up space in a large plantroom for other plant or even storage space.

Ideal Imax Xtra EL Commercial Boiler Installer


The Ideal Evomod Commercial boiler is a modular boiler that comes in 250kW modules. These have a very small foot print and make a great alternative to the Imax Xtra EL where access is an issue. This is because they can be bought in through a single door in the single modules and then assembled in position where as a traditional boiler would have to have the heat exchanger stripped down and rebuilt which is much more labour intensive and costly.

Ideal Evomod Commercial Modular Boiler Installer