Cowley Group is one of the leading companies in the UK when it comes to providing commercial heating solutions, particularly in the installation of Remeha Commercial Boilers.

At Cowley Group, we specialize in Remeha Commercial Boiler installations. With over 30 years of experience, our highly skilled engineers are experts in the field. We offer competitive pricing and prioritize customer satisfaction. Trust us for efficient and reliable Remeha installations.

Quinta Ace

The Remeha Quinta Ace is an exceptional heating solution that excels in both standalone and cascade installations. Its cascade capability allows multiple boilers to work together as a unified system, providing even higher levels of efficiency and flexibility. By intelligently modulating the output of each boiler based on demand, the Quinta Ace cascade system ensures optimal performance and energy savings. Whether used individually or in a cascade configuration, the Remeha Quinta Ace is a reliable and efficient choice for heating applications.

Remeha Quinta Ace Boiler Installation

Gas 120 Ace

The Remeha Gas 120 Ace is a powerful and highly efficient floor standing commercial boiler suitable for various applications. With advanced condensing technology and a modular design for cascade installations, it excels in small to medium commercial and industrial spaces like offices, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Its intelligent controls and monitoring systems ensure precise temperature regulation and optimal comfort. Overall, the Gas 120 Ace is an exceptional choice for reliable and efficient heating in demanding settings.

Remeha Gas 120 commercial Boiler Installation

Gas 210 Ace

The Remeha Gas 210 Ace is a versatile heating solution known for its exceptional performance. With high energy efficiency and advanced condensing technology, it reduces costs and environmental impact. It can be installed back-to-back, saving space, and its optional secondary return feature makes it suitable for low-grade heat technologies like heat pumps or underfloor circuits. Ideal for various applications, it provides precise temperature regulation and optimal comfort. Overall, the Gas 210 Ace is a reliable and efficient choice for diverse heating needs.

Remeha Gas 210 Commercial Boiler Installation

Gas 220 Ace

The Remeha Gas 220 Ace is a lightweight heating solution with an aluminium monobloc platform, making it an ideal choice for hard-to-reach plantrooms. Its compact design allows it to fit through a standard door, facilitating easy transportation and installation. Despite its small size, it delivers reliable and efficient heating performance. Whether it’s for installations in confined spaces or plantrooms with limited access, the Gas 220 ace boiler offers a high-quality heating solution.

Remeha Gas 220 Ace Commercial Boiler Installation

Gas 320 / 620 Ace

The Remeha Gas 320 and 620 Ace boilers are powerful and versatile heating solutions designed for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. Their sectional design allows for easy dismantling and rebuilding, making them suitable for plantrooms with difficult access. With advanced technology, intelligent controls, and cascade capabilities, these boilers deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and adaptability. They are the ideal choice for demanding heating requirements in a wide range of settings, overcoming installation challenges in tight spaces. For clarity the 620 ace boiler is 2 x 320 ace boilers bolted together.

Remeha Gas 320 and 620 Ace Commercial Boiler Installation