Churches and Historic Buildings

At Cowley Group we understand the many challenges churches face when trying to keep the place warm. With stone walls containing little or no insulation, high ceilings with downdrafts, single glazed windows and the added complication of listed building conservation rules etc. Over the years we have worked with many customers to design and install bespoke systems that overcome these challenges and result in a nice cosy church to welcome the congregation too.

Heating makes up over 80% of a buildings energy use and carbon foot. It costs a lot of money to run, maintain and replace so it is important that its done right. There are many options to consider when it comes to heating older buildings. The fabric of the building must be given very careful consideration particularly when buildings are listed and part of our heritage.

Whilst it is certainly a good idea to start with improving the heat loss, it is always wise to have a building surveyor with experience in older buildings to assist on this. It can sometimes be a very expensive way of causing more damage than good. Modern buildings are designed very differently, for example, adding insulation to an older external wall that was originally designed to be breathable can cause issues with damp.

Design conditions are very different to that of a house. For example in a house you can simply lay an underfloor heating system down and it will work fine. in a Church with high ceilings this will likely only bring the temperature up to about 12°C when it’s minus 3°C outside. This is why experience is absolutely necessary when making modifications to a heating system.

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