What are the best boiler makes? (Commercial)

Buying a new boiler can be an overwhelming task for someone without experience in the industry. We have compiled a shortlist of boiler manufacturers that we recommend to help you through this process.


Remeha, formally broag and now owned by Baxi, produces well built, reliable boilers, and regularly innovates and improves their designs. They have built a very strong brand in the commercial heating industry. Manufactured in Holland the Quinta models have been a long-standing favourite and are straightforward to install. They also have one of the best built-in boiler controls. In recent times however they have had a few supply issues and the boilers and parts have been on long lead times.

Ideal Commercial:

Ideal, a British manufacturer has a strong presence in both commercial and domestic heating. With quality, affordable boilers they make a great choice for most applications. Ideal is not so strong on their aftersales service, however, their boilers are generally straightforward to work with and parts are readily available.


Hamworthy, also a British manufacturer, has a strong reputation in the industry for quality and there are a lot of boilers out there that are still going strong after many years. Their after-sales service is very good and they have employed engineers that can come out and solve any issues. Their controls however are not as straightforward as a Remeha or an Ideal. The good service you get does also tend to come at a cost.


Viessmann, a German manufacturer provide typically German, very well built boilers. Controls are straightforward and there is not much not to like. Slightly more expensive than Hamworthy or Ideal but slightly less than the Remeha they’re a good choice for many applications.


Vaillant, also a German manufacturer traditionally focused on the domestic market, is newer to the commercial industry. However, they have an excellent wall mounted boiler range going up to 120kW and are very reasonably priced.


More traditionally a water heater manufacturer, Lochinvar also provides a very good commercial boiler range. They can be a little more on the expensive side and they come with an integral pump which means most applications require a secondary heat exchanger.

There are of course many other manufacturers available but these are the brands that we look to first when selecting a replacement boiler. They have been in the industry for a long time and we are confident that they will always provide a quality boiler. Further information can be found on our wall mounted boiler comparison chart.

If you do require a new boiler and need further advice we provide an initial survey free of charge where we can advise and provide you with a quotation and basic design.


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